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What we do

Every cleaning project has proper and unique specifications, varying depending on the customer's needs.

While we strive to meet the customer's expectations, we also remain faithful to our promise: to deliver a spotless cleaning service to your property as described here. 

Please speak to us for more details or clarification. We are here at your service. 

What does the clean include? 

In the kitchen:

The oven and hob and extractor hood; The microwave; the oven; The fridge/freezer; The washing machine; the dishwasher and tumble dryer; The sink; The countertop, and the cabinets.

Any electrical appliances part of the tenancy will also get the ‘deep clean’ treatment, including lint build-up in the washing machine or grease in the oven.

 In the entire property:


The floors will be vacuumed and moped, and any tiles on walls in your home, skirting boards, windows, and doorframes will get a deep clean. 

All mirrors and the inside of windows and seals will be cleaned.

Areas with visible dust and dirt build-up need cleaning; cobwebs will be cleared from hard-to-reach places.

Scrubbing door handles, locks and keys, Skirting boards, light switches, and the space under your TV unit.

Radiators deep cleaning in all rooms.

And washing the bins.

In the bathroom:

In addition to the above-mentioned relevant items, the toilet, bathtub, sink, shower areas, tiles, mirrors or panels will all be thoroughly cleaned, mopped and wiped with an antibacterial solution. 

Call us to find out more.


Carpet Deep wash + Shampoo + Antibacterial treatment

This service is on demand and charged separately. Call us to find out more 


Temporary staff

This service is for businesses needing temporary staff to clean their facility for a limited period. This can be recurring or one-off. We are flexible to help. This is suitable for schools, Homecares, offices or commercial property. Call us to find out more.


Rental property services

This service consists of providing rental property linen and cleaning service between the checkout and check-in of customers. Call us to find out more

Digital Security System

Did you know our cleaners are DBS-checked and insured? You and your belongings are in safe hands with us. 

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